the turkey club predicament

By In blog — December 02, 2017

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We’re still eating some delicious leftovers and I found myself in a turkey club predicament today.

Now that my “Happy Moments” coloring book for big people is published and for sale on Amazon, to start, (my happy plug), I can turn my attention back to creating my cookbook. One of the ideas I am currently working on sharing in my cookbook is for Turkey Day leftovers because I wouldn’t dream of messing with your Turkey Day meal traditions.

Here’s my predicament…

A few weeks ago I had some dental work performed. Nothing with me is ever normal. Or maybe normal for me is not normal for everyone else. I had discovered a super sore gum and made an appointment to have it looked at. Turns out, it was a piece of dead bone that was leftover from a root canal that is over twenty years old. This piece of dead bone finally worked its way to the surface and was causing me problems. Whoever heard of such a thing? And you should see the size of the bill!

I still have a really tender and sore and hurting muscle thingy in my cheek area from where the needle went in to give me anesthesia. It only bothers me when I open my mouth semi-wide to eat. I love to eat so this is a semi-big problem.

Today, I wanted to make a turkey club sandwich and take pictures of it for my cookbook as one of my ideas for Turkey Day leftovers. Most of the time, I need to do my picture taking during the day to take advantage of the best lighting. So, I have to make my foods during the day. Some foods can handle hanging around to be eaten later at dinner or another time but a turkey club needs to be eaten soon after it is created. Otherwise the toasted bread gets soggy and things go downhill fast.

But, I cannot open my mouth wide enough to eat this sandwich because of my sore cheek muscle thingy. And the only person around during the day to eat it is my preschooler and he won’t eat it.

It’s beautiful and it’s calling to me. (I actually took some ibuprofen earlier to prepare for this predicament but it did not totally take away the pain.)

If I were eating this at a diner, I would have waffle fries with it. Or curly fries. Or some kind of french fries. But I used waffle fries in the picture that I took of a hot turkey sandwich for another Turkey Day leftover that I am sharing in my cookbook so I paired this sandwich with carrots. They add a nice color pop.

I ate them already as a warm-up to the sandwich.

So, that is my turkey club predicament.

Now, I will leave you with the hot turkey sandwich pic, and a craving for a turkey sandwich, as I go off to tackle this sandwich with my sore mouth.

Poor me…


my “happy moments” coloring book is ready on amazon

By In blog — November 26, 2017

My “Happy Moments” Coloring Book for Big People is now available on Amazon and I am just tickled beyond words.

I won’t ruin the story of how this book came to be (for those who love coloring books for grown-ups and just might add this to their list of needs this year), because I included it in my book, but it has been a project in the making for the last two years. Toward the end of October I realized that I was really close to being finished and if I buckled down, I just might have it ready for your holiday gift-giving moments this season.

It’s no secret that I love looking for unique gifts and that I like things that are not what you see everywhere. I created this coloring book because I was not really all that interested in the images that were in the books currently on the market. The Taste of Home Coloring Books are really the only books I have found that have coloring pages that I like. I love happy pictures that make me feel like I am coloring a moment and food. And I do not like too much detail.

It’s an attention span thing.

So, being the dreamer and all that I am, two years ago I decided to start making drawings that I liked and see where it would take me. And today, I present to you a really fun different style of coloring book for big people that will make a great gift, especially when you add in some pointy new crayons or colored pencils.

If I do say so myself…

It’s currently available on Amazon, but will eventually be available on Barnes and That works out nicely for me because I have free shipping with Barnes and Noble from being a member subscriber. But…as an FYI, I just ordered a few of my own coloring books from Amazon (and I will have to be careful doing that too often!) and there is currently free shipping over $25 dollars. I have already completed most of my holiday shopping for my giftees, but I did need to pick up a few books for my mom, my grandmas and a special friend that this book is dedicated to. His journey started mine and he definitely needs a copy of his very own.

Thanks for being a part of my journey and I would love to hear what you think. A gal needs her BFF’s to give it to her straight ya know!


my thankful moments

By In blog — November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving my favorite people! It’s the eve of Thanksgiving as I start writing this post and I have made all of my foods for tomorrow. It’s just us, which is easy and not easy. We do not have to make a big deal out of getting ready and cleaning. Phew. My mop broke while I was mopping the kitchen floor so it’s a good thing no one is coming and my house does not have to be clean. It would be a bonus, not a requirement for just us. But…if we want to taste all of the tastes that a Thanksgiving dinner promises, I need to make all of those tastes ourselves. I did. And I kept it as easy as possible. And boy will it be delicious.

Now, I am thankful that I am done because I am tired of cooking and cleaning-ish.

Okay, so to amuse myself while I cooked and kinda sorta cleaned, I mentally listed some of my “thankful for” moments. In no particular order…here they are…

The sky. Of course. Sunrises, sunsets and all of the beautiful colors that stop me in my tracks.

Being a dreamer. My current coloring book project for grown-ups needed a bit more revision than I wanted to do, but I added a few extra days to my deadline and am now super-de-duper happy that I did! It required two different cover creations for me to be happy and some additions to the inside that I had wanted to do but didn’t want to take the time to do but my husband said would be a really good idea if I did. I just received my second proof only moments ago, and at first glance, yippee! I will have to spend more time going through it to double-check spelling issues and that dang grammar thingy that people get so worked up about. You know, like when a sentence uses a proposition to end with? Being Thanksgiving Eve and all, I will practice self-control and not do it now. I will get my flashlight out later and hide under my covers to look at it when I am supposed to be sleeping.

Then there are the obvious things not to be over-looked like our health, our home and my husband’s job.

I am also very thankful for butter, sugar and flour.

Home cooks and family recipes. This Taste of Home cookbook is my newest addition and I am only one-fifth of the way through and already almost every page is sticky-noted. After laughing about it, I realized that I love home cooks and their recipes the most. I get so excited about recipes that have been passed down in families and I love to think about our grandma’s and the occasional grandpa cooking for their families.

GIFT IDEA! If you have someone who loves to cook, and especially those who get excited about home cooking, this is a great gift. Make sure you include some sticky note pads!

My family. I am so thankful for my family. A current project of mine to celebrate them is creating real old-fashioned photo albums for us. It’s a biggie. I kept up with it the first few years of my babies’ lives then I was too busy. Then I just had stacks of photos. Then I started at it again and tried to work backward while keeping up with the current year. Then life got busy again. Then, there were no longer even any printed photos. I am in serious project management mode now and am determined to git ‘er done. I am not going to worry about having the photos in super chronological order. The project will never get finished if I do. But, I am making sure that I jot down some notes on the backs of my photos. My great-grandma taught me to do this because at some point I would not remember the details and it was also especially helpful for those who looked through the albums long after I was in Heaven. I can often be found grumbling about it because it is time-consuming but great-grandma told me to do it and I am glad I did. As I started back into this project, I now have three kids who all looked alike as babies. And I am getting old-ish so my memory really did forget some of the details.

I made baby albums for my kids on their last birthdays and they love those albums. They take them on our road trips.

GIFT IDEA! In this day and age of computerized everything, it’s not the same being all curled up around the computer to look at pictures. A real photo album is a great gift. Just make sure you write on the back of the picture like great-grandma said.

I am very thankful for extra frozen dough balls in my freezer. When I took my husband’s rolls out of the oven (yes, he has special rolls because I was mixing up the roll routine this year with some flavors and his Thanksgiving is not to be messed with) I noticed that I baked them with the plastic wrap on. Dadgum. I had just enough frozen dough left to make more rolls. Phew!

See that shiny melted plastic wrap?

And being thankful for butter, sugar and flour makes me thankful for cookies.

And bacon.

I am NOT thankful that I need to get new glasses. That is never a pleasant experience for many reasons. We ran into a store quickly to look at frames and I had to take some selfies to look at and share later. You can tell by the look on my face that this is not fun.

Does my knee look better in these glasses or

in these glasses?

I want big ones this time. And something unusual.

I am thankful for 2 gallon-sized baggies. I can prep my foods in pans and then store them safely. Luxury.

I am also thankful for browned butter. I know it can be over-used these days but I added some and a bit of brown sugar to my sweet potatoes and they are heavenly. It’s not too late – you can still do this!

I am thankful that I put more effort into balancing my days this year, which brought me many more moments to enjoy being present. I know that the Christmas Crazies are still around the corner and they get me every year, despite my best intentions, but this year I am way ahead of the game. I’ll keep you posted!

I am thankful that you will let my grammar issues slide in this post as I wanted to chat with you before our world’s get busy for a few days.

And, my BFF’s, I am very thankful for you. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday if you celebrate it or a wonderful Thursday if you do not. You deserve a moment to chill out and be present. Be with your special people and don’t worry about the details. Pretend your mop broke and that’s why you had to take a break instead of clean or that the rolls were baked with the plastic on and you needed to serve some store-bought rolls to buy yourself some quiet moments. It could happen!

Love ya,


gift ideas, catching up, & selfie struggles

By In blog — November 10, 2017

Hello, my BFF’s.

It’s November. It snowed a bit. It’s hard not to get excited.

I will get right to two gift ideas and one on the way (hopefully) in case I lose you as I start my gift of gab.

I could get swallowed up in a bookstore for days, I just love them. Especially the children’s department. I found this gem there while shopping for a birthday gift and had to pick it up for me. Being a dreamer, I need reminders every so often to keep me going. This is a really fun gift for anyone in your world, not just a child, who spends their time dreaming and planning. Or for someone who should. Even yourself!

Next up, I received this book as a gift from my mom last year and I just love it. It shares a sentiment and some thoughts to go with it for a variety of seasonal offerings. You can read it from beginning to end or pick out a sentiment for that day, based on how you are feeling, and fill your heart with a message that will give you what you need. During the holiday season, I am all over the place with my emotions and whether I crave quiet simple moments or to be right in the middle of the hustle and bustle. This book covers it all!

And then….drum roll…I am awaiting a proof of my grown-up coloring book. It should come any day now, I will make my revisions and if the stars align, it will be ready for you to purchase before Thanksgiving. (Technically, I could make revisions until the cows come home but luckily I have a deadline in place so I will have to approve it quickly.)

Then, you can get some gift shopping done early and have more moments to yourself to enjoy the quiet or the hustle and bustle. Maybe even to color, perhaps??!!

Here is the cover…unless I change it last minute…which I already did while I have been working on this post…

Happy Dance!

I am also having fun dreaming up gift ideas for an Advent calendar type gift that I want to share with you, but so far my ideas for something different than the usual candy etc. are not cheap to put together once I start mentally adding up the price tags. I am not sure if I care about that so I will have to ponder a bit more.

All righty, let’s get ready to talk turkey now. (Get it?)

By now, you must know that I take a million sky pictures – even if you are new to my current site with all of its lost content. So, here we go…

I just love the colors.

And the clouds.

And the ambiance.

We went to a China Light Show, which was super cool, but very crowded.



The above pic represents all of the animals for the “Year Of the” in The Chinese tradition. I think I am a pig but I was confused by how they listed the years and I had to keep moving because I could not hold up the lines of people trying to get through. I used my manners.

How can you not love the dragons?

We participated in the Farmer’s Market CSA this year so every other week I received a giant basket of delicious locally grown goodies. Our last basket for the season included a zucchini the size of an adult leg. The giant veggies are not always flavorful but this gal is perfect in Zucchini Bread. I have made quite a few already and need to keep plodding along so I can share the wealth with my neighbors as well as my freezer. If you’re in the area, let me know and I will bake you up some!


Halloween happened since we last spoke.

I loved my creepy spider.

We also had some super duper jack-o-lanterns.

And at night, they were the best we ever had.

For the school parties, I decided to dress up this year. I went as my fave Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Here are my selfies…

And another.

The problem with selfies

is that

they start to get

a bit

silly after a while.

I had so much fun taking on a new role, but my two boys were more than ready for me to shower and wash away the pirate-ness. They wanted “momma” back.


I’ve been typecast.

Yup. More sky.

Up next on my agenda is to get some cookie dough made up and tucked away in the freezer for those moments when you want a home-baked cookie this time of year but are rushing around too much to just “whip some up”. Then I need to finish my last minute shopping because I did most of mine already.

Don’t hate me because I’m early.

Love ya my BFF’s…make some moments these next few weeks. Its gonna get squirrelly!


mr. g

By In blog — October 30, 2017

I have been meaning to tell you about Mr. G.

I met Mr. G a year ago when I asked for assistance from the SCORE Business Mentoring Program. I had not intended to start working with them at that point because I was nowhere near ready for my “gift shoppe-country shoppe-cafe-garden nursery-plus more” but I had signed up to do a craft fair. In a normal person’s mind, you would never make the jump for needing business assistance to do a craft fair. But, I am not normal.

For the previous few years, I had been immersed in all sorts of books and learning materials on anything and everything related to starting a business. When the opportunity came to participate in a craft fair, I went with it. I had been stretching my creative side and had some items that were worthy of consumer review. Since I am not normal, I basically created a mini gift shoppe experience for the craft fair, with all products designed and/or created by me. Since I knew I wanted to have a business someday, I wasn’t sure if I should become one sooner for the craft fair. As always, I know too much and not enough.

SCORE paired me up with a local mentor. Their program provides a mentor for newbies to the business world or a new aspect of their business and a retiree from the business world. We set up a date and time to meet at a local diner while my wee one was in preschool. He said I would know him because he would wear his SCORE shirt. I said he would know me because I would wear pink. Or something bright. I can’t really remember but that sounds like me.

Walking into the diner for a 9:30 am meeting was a bit of a deja vu in reverse. Looking for a single-seated person at a diner at 9 am was going to be difficult since at that hour, many people are there by themselves. I knew he would be older since he was retired and guess who visits a diner at 9 am? Older people who are retired or my peeps – moms with kids. No one seemed interested in me so I assumed he wasn’t there yet and took a table by the window. I then found myself wondering if it was him, every time someone older and “single” walked to the diner. It brought back the memory of the rare occasions when I agreed to a blind date.

That made me chuckle.

I had seen the movie, “The Intern” and I knew that I already saw the value in working with someone who had experience, but was he going to “get” me? I’ve mentioned that I am not normal.

My business plan, loosely defined, looks more like an art portfolio. And my dreams and goals are all over the place, but in my mind they connect quite nicely.

Well, Mr. G arrived and I instantly noticed a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye. This just might work.

And as we chatted…he “got” me.

We have worked together ever since over this past year and he has been a great support for prodding me along with my cookbook “plus” and the other bubbles on my Business Bubble Map.

It turned out that he also had a book in a semi-finished state that he dusted off and started to delve into again as he helped me along on my book creating and publishing adventure.

He recently beat me to the finish line and published his book. I thought I would share it with you here. It’s a fun read about the adventures of a boy growing up on a farm in Iowa. The boy’s soul chats with God about his life purpose as he sleeps.

“Living on the Edge of Heaven”, by G. Edward can be found here on Amazon:,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch

and here on Barnes and Noble:

Thanks Mr. G for your mentoring and congrats on your new book!


where’s your happy place?

By In blog — October 17, 2017

This gal and I take our happy places very seriously. And we have many.

We want to know where your happy places are? (I’ll tell ya why in a minute, so be thinking about it…)

I am almost finished with my drawings for my grownup coloring book. Somehow, I got on a roll and have been creating away. Then I was close enough to finish my self-imposed quota of drawings to think that maybe, just maybe, I could pull it together in time to publish it for this holiday season. Then…I got very excited!

It would make a really fun gift!

My drawings are of happy places and those are the kinds of things I want to color.

But, I have a feeling that creating the pictures will be the least of my troubles. Figuring out the technology and details of getting it “print-worthy” and “by the rules” is where my troubles may begin. Nonetheless, if I am this close, I will give it my all.

I am about one or two drawings away from finished. I start with a pencil draft then I need to go over the pencil marks in black so that they stand out. Then, I need to erase the pencil marks, scan the drawings into Photoshop to do away with any stray marks and save them.

Here is a half-finished drawing from pencil to black ink.

I have discovered that my best tools are a soft lead pencil, a pink eraser, plain copy paper and one of my kid’s paint brushes to brush off the eraser bits. It was a bit disappointing because I got myself set up with some fancy art supplies and I was fully prepared to be a “real artist” only to find that some of those supplies did not perform the way that I wanted them to and the basic stuff did. Ain’t that something.

Ok, so, I want to make one or two more drawings and I have a few ideas in mind, but my creative brain cells have been split between this coloring book and the local newspaper’s holiday cookie contest that is due next week. As of last weekend, I still wasn’t entirely sure if I would participate this year, but I am “all in” for the three cookies that I can submit so my mind is busy testing and creating and my bakery belly is busy eating and judging. And running and walking.

My brain is curious to see where your happy places are. If I can figure out how to draw them, they just might end up in my coloring book.

And to thank you for your ideas, I am sharing one of the coloring pages from my “soon-to-be” grownup coloring book with you so you can print it out and take a moment to veg out and color. The link to the printable is below.

I am still debating if I want to add more to the walls. Part of my attention deficit issue with many of the coloring pages on the market is that they are so detailed that I am not interested in coloring them. If this becomes too busy, it defeats the point of me creating pages with less. My brain and I are still discussing it. But you can feel free to draw in anything that you want to add to the walls.

All righty, me and my studio gal are off to taste test some cookies!


chit chat

By In blog — October 09, 2017

As I settle into fall, life is humming right along. I thought I would take a moment to chat with you on all of the things that are a part of my days now. I have finally moved my buns a bit to get some accomplishments on my personal projects and that is exciting. I am finally feeling more at ease with the daily schedule and routine that drives our days again. October is a low-key month so I can enjoy thinking that I am on top of it all, then the holiday season will hit and blow that little bubble world I am living in right now clear out of sight. That’s okay, I’ll take it. It’s a respite. I would be bored if I was on top of it all the time. And I would wonder who was living in my skin!

On the housing front, the undeveloped development we live in is becoming much less “undeveloped”. And as luck would have it, the developing is all around us. As in all four sides of our house. One of my favorite things to do is sit out on my back patio in the early morning with my coffee before I have to start my day. Well, it was my favorite thing to do. Now…there is not only a house going up across the street behind us in the way of my sunrise and field view, but there is also a porta-pot back there for the fellows that are working on this house. They keep the same early hours I do. I was barely handling it when a truck would arrive, back in and then sit there staring at me and my coffee from across the street while they waited for work to start. But then the straw that broke the camel’s back changed everything. They actually use the porta-pot while I am sitting there with my coffee. I am glad that they have a bathroom. Everyone should have access to one.  And I know Mother Nature waits for no one but I don’t want to know about it. I already know way too much about the bathroom habits of the people I live with. I don’t care to know them about strangers and especially when I am preparing for my day in the stillness of the morning. Ugh. Now, another house with a porta-pot is kitty-corner to us. Fabulous.

(See the porta-pot in the lower left-hand corner? That’s my sunrise view.)

All sorts of crazy things are lining up to point us toward a new direction, porta-pots included. I’m not sure where or when and definitely not how, but I can feel that some big changes are in the air. My youngest enters kindergarten next year and that was a milestone timeline for me and my “next steps”. I can’t believe that time is almost upon me. He was one and a half when I first started blogging.

Next, I have discovered that I am obsessed with sky and cloud pics.

See those cool wavy cloud bumps? Fabulous.

In a camera, my backyard sunrise view can crop out the construction house and porta-pot.

Every minute the sky changes.

Look at those colors.

Cotton candy clouds.

And that doesn’t even scratch the surface of the cloud and sky pics I have. I will have to make a coffee table book someday. Hmmm…

On the “dreamer” front, I am back on the saddle again (or is it “in the saddle”?) after a long period of inactivity. I finally managed to get a few ideas for how I want the recipe pages to look in my cookbook. My dream was to hand-write them because handwritten recipes are dying out and I so love handwritten recipes for the connection that they give you to the person who wrote them. It’s like they are with you while you cook. But, my handwriting just looked messy so I will have to save that one for another project. But then I became completely stumped on how to proceed. So, I finally got out my stash of cookbooks and went through them to see what I liked and take some notes. That helped, so I was able to put another big push on my cookbook and send it off to be printed. This will be my third draft and I am so excited to see it. Each draft makes it seem like I can make this happen.

You see, periodically, the voices in my head mock me and tell me that I must be crazy to think that I can create a cookbook. But, I plug along anyway because, well, why not? It’s worth a try. Then, a moment comes along that reminds me I may as well go for it. I recently tried some new recipes from cookbooks of extremely credible sources and they did not turn out very well. The tricks that were mentioned to give me a crisp crust on the bottom of my apple pie burned it. First time I have ever burned a pie. And it wasn’t all that tasty of a pie. And the cookies I made were okay, but need some tweaking and definitely no better than any other cookie I make. It reminded me that cooking and baking are very individualized tasks that are based on varied ingredients, ovens, tools, weather, hair styles, and apron selections. Recipes are really more of a guide and the more you cook and bake, the easier it becomes to know how to read a recipe and change things to the ways that you know will work for you and the hair style and apron you are wearing that day. I’m a home cook. That’s gotta count for something, right? So, be gone mocking voices in my head. I can do this.

And then there is my grown-up coloring book. I have a few more pictures to create and then I should be able to see how that looks in print.  I was off in my math so I have more than I thought I did, which was a bit deflating, but there’s nothing else to do but plug along. It’s pretty exciting! It was two years ago this November when I walked into a stationery store near Chicago looking for a special gift and the sales person directed me to the newest arrival – grown-up coloring books. It was being predicted that they would be big. Well, she was right. I remember thinking that I wanted in on that trend because I had a feeling she was right and I love kid coloring books but I was quite bummed because I am not an artist, I am not a publisher and I am not a printer. There was no way I would be able to do anything with that trend except watch it come. I’m not anything that would point me in the direction to get in on that trend. Except for being a dreamer.  When the coloring books hit the shelves, I was disappointed because the pictures in most of them were not anything I was interested in coloring and most of them were so detailed that my limited attention span would never even finish a pic even if I was interested in the drawing. That’s when I decided that I was going to start creating my own, one page at a time. Being a dreamer was all the credentials I needed. Even if it were only just for me someday. Well. I am getting closer and have now learned a thing or two about self-publishing and other fine points, so I am forging ahead with that dream too.

Since then, I have added some other seemingly impossible dreams to the list, but these two are my main focus right now. All of my secret and not-so-secret mentors have started with a desire to give something a try and see where it goes. “Find someone who has what you want and do what they do.” (I’m not sure if Anthony Robbins is the original creator of that quote but he said something similar – just to give credit.)

Me and my bakery belly have been spending time upping the exercise routine. The scale is still talking the same trash but I attribute it to all the muscle that I have gained. Mental manipulation is the key to mental happiness.

I am slowly getting this website to a less pathetic state. But, I am enjoying the moments with my last kid at home before he heads off to kindergarten so thank you for your patience. I am a believer in the energy of the universe, of signs, of God’s mysterious ways so I started to wonder if my missing website meant that I supposed to give up blogging and just go back to loving loads of laundry, feeding picky kids, picking up endless toy clutter and being only a domestic goddess. To just wait until I could start my country shoppe and other tangible dreams in a few years. But I so love chatting with you and sharing our moments together. It may not be the way I want it to be right now, but I know that my missing website is not a sign telling me to give it up. It’s challenging me for some other reason because it is getting to be time for me to take a next step.

That’s all the chit chat I have right now, my BFF’s. Go have a donut so I am not the only one with a bakery belly. Misery loves company ya know!



October Moments

By In blog — October 03, 2017

Ahhh…October! It’s a new month and a moment to begin sharing again here on my website so let’s start with a normal post about fun stuff. I will fill you in on my normal chaos in another post.

Once October hits, I know that I need to accept that fall is coming and so too will be a few busy months, along with the chilly weather again. I try not to lament the all too quickly passing of summer, but it’s hard not to feel a bit robbed. I love living a seasonal life and wouldn’t change it. I love the snow too. But I might shift the duration of seasons around a bit if I had any magic in my marshmallow wand.

I don’t.

Here is what October means to me…

Fall colors and a nip in the air.

Pumpkin everything.

Too much candy. And the Halloween candy eating negotiations with my wee ones will be upon me sooner than I want.

Time to buy new baking soda and baking powder and stock up on other baking and cooking essentials. I never use up the baking powder or baking soda that I buy and being a practical country gal, it’s hard to throw it out and waste. But, it’s only a couple of bucks and if I am putting the time and energy into baking, my ingredients should be fresh.

The local newspaper holds their holiday cookie contest at the end of the month. Decisions, decisions.

I spend as much time outside as possible, but less of it watering and caring for my plants. Now that the school routine has me humming along again, I forget about them so they have to fend for themselves more often.

The bakery belly I have been carrying for quite a while is now on high priority as we move into another bakery belly season of good eats. So, a good portion of my time is spent on my ramped up efforts to fit into my smaller-sized civilian clothes again so I can eat all winter and then move back into my bigger-sized civilian clothes. It’s a vicious circle.

My kids are hot when they go to bed but the nights cool down so then they are cold and uncovered later in the night, so I am awake and in there covering them all night long.

I shop all year for holiday gifts but now, I am in prowl mode as I search for “fresh and thoughtful” gifts to fill in the holes on my list of holiday shopping.

Time to start addressing the holiday card envelopes. I like to handwrite the cards and envelopes for a moment that matters, but it does take time. A few here and there peppered in between other tasks and then it’s all done and frees me up during holiday crunch time. Of course, I am not beyond sending New Year’s cards if need be!

All righty, my BFF’s, thanks again for your “condolences” on the loss of my website content and your thoughts on my moving forward plans – I appreciate it! It’s October, so get out there and make moments that matter. Call someone, write a letter or sit and do nothing but appreciate your special lot in life. It’s all yours and it’s a gift!

Love ya…


The Case of the Missing Website

By In blog — September 22, 2017

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful website full of blog worthy content, moment making ideas and witty banter.

Then, one day, it all vanished.

Poof! Not a bread crumb trail in sight of where it could have gone.

Not even a crumb too small for a mouse was left behind.

The kingdom’s hosting company could not bring it back and left this fair maiden with a completely blank website. No more pics of waffle sundae moments.

After some tears and the realization that no handsome techie prince was going to come along and bring back all of the content she had lovingly prepared, she straightened her apron and decided to move on.

“Fine. Technology may have won this time (and the time before that, and the time before that…), but I still have this blank website”, she said aloud to no one, “so I will look at this ugly plain blank website with none of the content that I previously had on here as a blank slate and start anew.”

As all of the possibilities of new directions swirled around in her brain, she fainted. When she woke, she was immobilized by opportunity.

That, my BFF’s, is where we stand today. My website is gone. Hacked. The possibilities to start over are breath-taking. Seriously, I can’t breathe. It’s been traumatic. Well, in an extremely shallow sense of trauma.

But…being the “life is all rainbows” gal that I am, there is now excitement as I ponder a new direction. There happens to be some exciting potential on the horizon so a new direction could be just the thing that this website needed, even though it is sooner than I had planned.

But…I am in a season of life that will change next year. My youngest child is in his final preschool year and these are the last moments I will have with a wee one around home with me. I want to savor that. I want to make moments that matter.

So…I will take some time to ponder my new directions and not proceed in haste. “Haste makes waste” ya know. And I have questions for you. I want to know your opinions and your thoughts.

Thank you for accompanying me as I find a new space on the world wide web. We will throw a sheet over some boxes, light a few candles, use our phones for background music and order out until I have my new website all figured out. It’ll be fun!




well, that’s awkward…

By In blog — September 14, 2017

Hello my BFF’s

If you are new to this site, please excuse the lack of anything here. If you have been a BFF for a while now, I have an update for ya.

A few weeks ago I lost access to my website and have been working with my hosting company to get it back. Unfortunately, I was told today that the backups they tried to do did not work so there is nothing else that they can do for me.


My lovely web design and all of my moment-making content has vanished! Gone! Poof! Disappeared into thin air!

I have one more trick up my sleeve to get my website content and design back. If that fails, I have been pondering my next steps.

“I’m a ponderer, yah a ponderer, I ponder ’round and ’round and ’round” – if you know that tune, you are probably not in your twenties!

So, my favorite peeps, my BFF’s, the ones I love to make moments with, I will let you know what our next steps together are when I get some more answers.

Until then, go forth and make moments that matter!

Love ya,

Me, the awkward bird – Aaryne