2 years, 11 months and 27 days

— January 25, 2017

I have been blogging for almost 3 years and it finally happened.

The Dreaded White Screen.

Have you heard of it? I first learned of it when I started blogging and have been worried about it ever since. Your website just suddenly goes blank. You see Nothing. Nada. Zip. Nothing but a blank white screen for people to look at. No warning and no sympathy that you are not a techie and are not qualified to fix it. No care that you will start to tear up and feel that the online world has picked on you and only you. No remorse when you start calling out over and over, “Why? Whyyyyy? Whhhhyyyyy?”

I have dodged that white screen bullet all this time until the other evening when my mother texted me to tell me that when she went to my website, all she saw was a white page.

oh no“, was the small voice that spoke in my head alongside the sinking feeling in my stomach. “The white screen. It found me”.

I was busy with my care-taking duties so I could not race off to my computer to hit buttons in a full-on panic trying to get to my website. But later, when I was able to go take a looksy, sure enough, it was a blank white screen.

Big sigh.

(I am gonna show you pictures that have nothing to do with anything because this technical business really has no pictures to go with it unless I show you pictures of my computer to tell the story. Boring. So, instead, I will show you something else to tickle your fancy and keep you scrolling.)

I have been testing family recipes. These are the olive cheese balls that I was trying but they are too floury so I need to work on getting them right.

These are Fruit Bars and they are delicious and I will share that recipe with you soon.

Ok, so back to my blank website screen. Surprisingly, I did not panic. This year I have vowed to be more “Zen” so I just told myself I would eventually get it figured out. I spent a whole day on the issue doing my own research and then contacting my favorite family techie and then contacting my hosting company. After three years of blogging I have finally learned to get my information and research and then maybe run it by someone who knows a thing or two instead of trying every suggestion I find and then wind up days later with more issues and wasted time. See, even at 46-years old you can still learn new tricks.

These are just veggies. I was taking stock photos for my someday cookbook.

My hosting company was able to get me back up and running so at least my website no longer showed only a white page but I now need to do some work to be fully functional and to find out which one of my website specifications caused the horrible white screen. As a result of this white screen, I lost some of the design on my website.


This my my “Keepers” binder of recipes that I have tried and love.

Here is the inside. One of these days, I have some questions for you on how you use and save recipes.

But, I had been planning on doing a bit of updating on the ole website any hoo so I will take it as an opportunity to do it now instead of later like I had planned on.

I celebrated my 46th birthday recently and this was one of my presents. I loved it. We go through a lot of tape in our house.

This was part of my birthday appetizer dinner. I loved that too.

This was my birthday waffle sundae. I really loved that.

Here I am on my birthday weekend trip to hotel overnights and Legoland Discovery Center. Yes, I went to Legoland Discovery Center for my 46th birthday. I am trying to take a pic of me and the hotel bathroom amenities. The Country Inn & Suites now provides their bathroom goodies from the Beekman Boys.

I love this tree.

So, my website will look a bit lop-sided for a while until I can get my tidying done and get back the design that I lost from the Dreaded White Screen saga. But then, another thing can be crossed off of my to-do list.

And I learned that I can survive the “Dreaded White Screen”.

And I really want a techie on my payroll. Except that I cannot pay them so there is no payroll.


  • Elaine

    January 25, 2017

    Love the post. The Beekman boys…wow what an omen. I am having that waffle sundae for my birrhday. ZEN it is. You handled that very well. Country living is in your future.

    • aarynemm

      January 25, 2017

      I could use that waffle sundae now as I sit here tonight trying to put back the missing sections of my website. So far,tho, I am still ZEN…

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