about me

Hello, hello! My name is Aaryne McEvoy and I’m currently stay-at-home momma to three of the most beautiful, wonderful, happy and full of life wee ones. I’m edging out of the baby years and into a time where momma can enjoy a few more moments that are not completely filled with diaper changes, filling milk cups and picking up toys. Well, I’ve given up on picking up toys – it’s a no win. Gifting, cooking and baking have been my loves and I am now looking to add to my hobbies, as well as looking into owning a country gift shoppe and a hobby farm. Who knows where it will all take me but life is best enjoyed by making moments and I am making some new ones to add to the old ones. I’m an Awkward Bird who often does things that normal people raise an eyebrow at but it makes for an adventure! Come along and join the flock…be an Awkward Bird and embrace your inner awkward!