Strawberry Pie Ice Cream Sundaes

— June 29, 2017

I don’t want to be the one to put pressure on you but…did you know that it is the last weekend in June already? You might still be trying to dig out of the piles of stuff that grew around you as spring turned to early summer while you were busy switching gears…

happy momma’s day “tea” party

— May 12, 2017

In our house, food served on tiered trays is called a “Tea Party”. Put that same food on platters and we call it a “Cocktail Party”. Put that same food on regular everyday plates and we call it dinner, although we rarely eat an everyday dinner with food of this nature, so that…

fresh grapefruit in a jar

— April 10, 2017

One of my favorite treats is purchasing a jar of grapefruit. It is so tender and sweet, and I love to buy the jar with three different colors of grapefruit if I can find it. You eat with your eyes ya know. But that jarred treat also comes with a price tag. I can’t remember the…

brown sugar fried sweet potatoes

— April 05, 2017

My husband will be glad that he missed out on this for lunch because this is not lunch food in his eyes. But when I looked in the fridge to see what I should make myself for lunch today, a baked sweet potato waved at me. Ahhh…I knew what was for lunch. Fried…

easy flavored coffee creamer

— April 02, 2017

I am still trying to perfect my homemade coffee creamer. It’s a tricky balance of creaminess to sweetness and flavor and I don’t have it balanced yet. The other day my mind decided to cheat a bit and I am glad it did. This is an easy way to skip some of the…

my chili con carne recipe is going viral on pinterest

— March 10, 2017

Okay, my chili recipe is not really going “viral” in technology community terms but it’s as close to “viral” as I will ever get. Haven’t you always wanted to say that something you shared went viral? And not the “oops” photo or ill-mannered comment that someone caught during one of your low moments, but something…

hot dish

my pinewood derby potluck “hot dish”

— March 01, 2017

We recently had our first adventure with the Boy Scout’s Pinewood Derby Race. I am convinced that the Pinewood Derby is more for the dads than for the kids. Especially the younger kids. I suppose most teenagers could handle the intricacies needed to build a pinewood derby car. My 8-year old Wolf? Not so much….

Cherry Pie Bars

— February 01, 2017

I have been in recipe testing mode lately and these Cherry Pie Bars are definitely a “keeper”. A neighbor and friend of mine has graciously accepted the duties of taste-tester while I am working on family recipes and my own concoctions. It’s a very “full-filling” job. I pointed out to her that we did…

mighty meatballs & national spaghetti day

— January 04, 2017

Happy New Year! Happy National Spaghetti Day! I love January and the freshness of a new year before me with all of the promises I can dream up. A full clean slate before me is so exciting and so precious. (I also love spaghetti…) Have you made any promises to yourself or someone…

fresh mint chocolate chip shortbread cookies

— November 03, 2016

It’s that time of year again for me to enter the local newspaper holiday cookie contest. As usual, I was multi-tasking so I did not fully the read the rules as I baked and baked and baked to see what cookies I would enter this year. So, it wasn’t until late at night…