february is fun!

— February 06, 2017

One of my magazines wrote that January is a great month to just veg out and do nothing. Not in my world. January is a jam-packed month for me so I look forward to February as my “free month”. Three of the five birthdays in our family are in January as well as our anniversary….

flavored oils gift

— November 13, 2016

Somehow in the middle of all of my busy-ness over the last few months, the fall and winter holidays snuck up on me. It’s just a good thing that I like them. I was supposed to go back to “normal life” the end of October once my first ever craft/vendor fair was over…

gift of farmer’s market honey

— September 14, 2016

As with many things, I buy them and after using them think that they would make a great gift. By then, I have used the item so it is no longer fresh and full but I still need to tell you about it. So, once again, I have a great gift to share…

cuckoo for ‘cue

— July 07, 2016

I have a crazy habit of getting “hooked” on a gift idea and then I absolutely HAVE TO HAVE THAT GIFT. And this gift isn’t ever for me, although I do get crazy once in a while and feel that I need something, I’ll admit, and then I go crazy trying to find…

bbq sauce pack makes a great gift!

— May 16, 2016

I have been in “gift” mode lately. I think that the couple of nicer days that we had recently brought it out of me. Plus, it is nearing the time of year where end-of-school gifts are needed, as well as graduation gifts, the recent Mother’s Day and the upcoming Father’s day moments for…

browned butter roll-out cookies

— May 04, 2016

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and since I missed out on celebrating May Day by making my little May Day baskets – because I was a day behind – I need to get organized. I have discovered that Mother’s Day works best in my house of wee ones if I set the stage…