gettin’ our kicks on route 66

— July 07, 2017

I’m a sucker for a road trip and this one came up sort of last minute. I had no plans to head out on the road the day after school ended. I have done that the past few years as we road tripped it to NY to visit family and friends but this…

restrooms and restaurants

— May 05, 2017

Every good road trip has pictures of the restroom, right? Road trips are one of my favorite ways to vacation. There is nothing like getting into a packed car with the open road in front of you knowing that your day is only loosely planned and your destination is miles ahead of you….

meal moments

— March 17, 2017

I have always loved dishes with sections for food and especially enjoy making up little compartments of food. There are so many fun ways to serve a snack or a meal to make a moment that breaks from the normal routine. I can make a moment of anything and it usually involves food….

rainy shadow

a summer rainy day activity

— June 27, 2016

I wait a long time for summer to arrive and the opportunity to be outside without wearing a lot of extra clothes and to spend as much time as possible on the outside of our home. Despite that, there are summer moments when it is necessary to be on the inside of the…

Happy Mother’s Day!

— May 08, 2016

Mother’s Day in my home will still look like the above and the below… but we do have plans in place to enjoy the moment too. Well, some of us still enjoy the moment even when things look like that. The wee ones have been working on homemade gifts all week and they…

Tech Detox

— April 06, 2016

I don’t know about you but I can get sucked into a Facebook hole lickety split even though I am just hopping on to check out my updates. The techno world has had a way of sneaking into every day life and we are surrounded by it. Every where you look people have…

let’s have tea!

— April 04, 2016

We are no stranger to tea parties in our home but our tea parties may seem a little strange to those who follow strict “tea rules”. There are no rules at our tea parties and that is what makes them so fun and so easy to do. Scones don’t have to be made,…

shopping in my kitchen

— February 21, 2016

Selecting my morning coffee mug gives me great pleasure and is something that I look forward to every day bright and early. “Hmmm…what mood am I in today?” The weather, time of year and even my plans for the morning all affect my decision. (Yes, there are still Christmas-themed mugs in there. I…