my first fabric designs are here!

— June 23, 2016

My first fabric designs on Spoonflower came a short while ago and I was so giddy. This strawberry blueberry print was something that I designed specifically for trying out Spoonflower and just in time for Mother’s Day. It did not arrive by Mother’s Day, so I sent along an IOU to my mom….

creating a watercolor for grandma

— June 06, 2016

My grandma has an extra special birthday coming up this summer…#90! How amazing is that? So, I have been busy planning some fun decorations and goodies for her birthday shindig based on some of her “loves”. Once I found out that I could design my own fabric on Spoonflower, I have been a…

domesticity soothes my soul draft
domesticity soothes my soul

“domesticity soothes my soul”

— May 09, 2016

You wouldn’t know it to look at my house, but domesticity soothes my soul. It’s when I am fitting it in with everything else on the to-do list that it becomes a bother. But if I had nothing to do all day but clean, spruce, putter and organize, it would be¬†rather relaxing. A…