“shell with eyes” note card

— April 28, 2016

Well, the week has gotten away from me and it is Thursday already. I usually try to post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday but I missed yesterday. It’s a bit awkward. But I never want to be predictable, so let’s say that I planned it. It is still National Stationery Week but in…

“i’m gonna be frank” note card

— April 18, 2016

I have discovered that designing note cards is a love of mine. I wake at night and send myself texts of the brilliances that come to me when my mind is free to roam and not bogged down with my daily duties. When I take a walk, my mind is free once again…

“whatcha bean up to?” note card

— March 16, 2016

and I don’t have to tell you that I chuckle when I read this…I know that there must be more “corny” lovers out there! Come on! Show your faces!!

“you look radishing darling” note card

— March 11, 2016

I have started to entertain myself with food humor since I have been designing note cards for my “corny collection” and it may be be getting out of hand. Maybe.  

“you are berry thoughtful” note card

— March 09, 2016

I have been busy creating a “corny collection” category for my note cards and am having a ball because food humor makes me chuckle. I have not subjected you to it here yet because I still am developing my “recipe” section but I can’t talk about nuts in a recipe without adding, “be careful…you are…

“spring flower” note card

— February 18, 2016

I was on a kick for a bit drawing with crayons and designing note cards. This is my “spring flower” note card. Very timely because I know that spring is just around the corner, even though I am still enjoying winter. As a matter of fact, we are supposed to hit the high’s…

“no bones about it” note card

— February 15, 2016

One of the items that I have been dabbling in creating are note cards, since I lovvvvveeeee note cards. Here is my “no bones about it” card… The cookie was for my wee ones 3rd birthday and he remembered that’s what it was for. So cute. I actually did not remember. I’m like…