— April 19, 2016

I took some popcorn photos for one of the dreamkeepers/journals/notebooks that I was working on…(I haven’t decided what I am calling them yet).

copycat popcorn drawing

— March 28, 2016

I have been collecting pictures and items that catch my eye so that I can use them to practice drawing and painting. This popcorn box had been sitting on my counter waiting for a “popcorn moment” in my house and I decided that it looked like a fun thing to try to draw…

Happy Easter!

— March 27, 2016

The sun combined with my Easter Lily was just too perfect! Have a wonderful Easter and enjoy your moments. From me…to you Aaryne Doesn’t it just make you happy to look at this beautiful flower? Of course, if you suffer from allergies, it might also make you want to sneeze.

“front door” watercolor

— March 03, 2016

Here is what I learned while watercoloring this picture: They make special paper to watercolor on for a reason. It can handle the water and does not bend up and crinkle. I have been using regular old copy paper as I am in practice mode and do not want to waste my precious…

“enjoying a tree moment” colored pencil art

— March 02, 2016

I got this far in creating my drawing but I am not sure how I want to finish it off. I would love to show the gal lying down from the other side of the tree but I don’t think I can draw that. Maybe I will practice on another sheet of paper first….

my first watercolor, a radish

— February 24, 2016

Ok, it’s not really my first watercolor. I did do watercolors in school and I do it with my kids, but this is my first attempt at drawing with watercolors and writing with watercolors for my new adventure to discover my artsy/craftsy loves and new talents. My brother gave me an artist’s paint…

martian muffin

— February 12, 2016

This was one of those baking moments that only caught my eye while I was taking pictures and noticed that this muffin had a “look”! I just love this little guy…


— February 09, 2016

This post is more for configuring my menus than it is about sharing a pineapple with you. But since you are here, this is the pineapple I drew and colored last night. Not too bad, if I do say so myself…