Cherry Pie Bars

— February 01, 2017

I have been in recipe testing mode lately and these Cherry Pie Bars are definitely a “keeper”. A neighbor and friend of mine has graciously accepted the duties of taste-tester while I am working on family recipes and my own concoctions. It’s a very “full-filling” job.

I pointed out to her that we did not each eat almost a whole pan of these Cherry Pie Bars. I gave her half of the batch so we can feel much better knowing that we each only ate most of a half batch of these bars. There is a big difference.

You can use any pie filling or even a jam. I used a small portion of the batter with strawberry jam because one of my wee ones does not like cherry pie. It was yummy too.

It should accompany you to your next potluck or join you on Sunday for dinner.


Here’s the handwritten recipe card…


Here is the handwritten printable for Cherry Pie Bars…since I am on a mission to “save the handwritten recipe”.

(If you read my previous post, you heard that I had experienced the “Dreaded White Screen” on my website. While, I am no longer displaying only a white screen, some of my design features are missing and I need to get that all put back together. Part of that process is to individually test some of my “behind the scenes” mumbo-jumbo to find out which feature caused the dreaded white screen. Well, it looks like it was my recipe feature, so for now until I get it resolved, I cannot add the usual recipe printable. Long live the handwritten recipe!)

Okay, so next up…are two very delicious and very different recipes that I am going to share with you.


which one do you want first?

Homemade Pear & Apple Sauce

Oh man, is that stuff good. The pears add such a nice flavor and it is very adaptable. Being a cinnamon lover, I have a heavy hand but you can vary the amount or decide not to add any at all.

But then I might call you awkward. It’s cinnamon. Cinnamon is good. It’s great.

I shared the yield with my neighbor again but the only bit of it my own family saw was a couple of tablespoons that I gave to my husband with his dinner one night. I had already eaten the rest of it.

But, I did buy more apples and pears so that I can make more.

It’s that good and it can stand up to the competition with this next recipe…

Homemade Chocolate Sauce

Oh man, is that stuff good.

Where have I heard that before?

It’s so smooth and has the perfect chocolate taste.

Your choice! Cast your vote for the next recipe shared here on The Bird…!