my chili con carne recipe is going viral on pinterest

— March 10, 2017

Okay, my chili recipe is not really going “viral” in technology community terms but it’s as close to “viral” as I will ever get. Haven’t you always wanted to say that something you shared went viral? And not the “oops” photo or ill-mannered comment that someone caught during one of your low moments, but something you could be proud of and share with your grandma.

My proudness is my Chili Con Carne recipe and I would definitely share it with my grandma. I would even make her some if we lived closer.

I shared this recipe a year or more ago when I was still writing under my previous blog called “Just Like Perfect!”. It’s cool that something you shared on the World Wide Web years ago is still swirling around out there because people are enjoying it when you have forgotten about it or have moved on. It’s also scary that something you shared on the World Wide Web years ago is still swirling around out there. Be careful what you share people, my BFF’s, because it doesn’t go away. Let this principle guide you: will you still be proud of it years from now and would you want your grandmother to see it?

Ok, enough of my life lesson.

The best chili I ever ate was from my school cafeteria. It’s true. I prefer a soupier chili to a thick one and this one was perfect. The flavor? Oh, man, I can still taste it. (But not because it is still repeating on me if you know what I mean. In a good way.)

This is as close as I could get but I would love the real recipe. (If any fellow Argyle Central School attendees are in tight with someone who worked in the cafeteria all those years ago, see if you can put the squeeze on them for the recipe. I’ll come up with a prize for you…)

I’m terrible at keeping up with social media.

Absolutely terrible.

It’s been so long that I have been on Pinterest that it looks different now and I cannot figure out how to find my boards like I used to. It was all laid out as perty as I could get it and now nothing is where I left it. I am not even sure that it is my Pinterest account aside from it is what shows up when I log in so I just have to assume it is mine. Otherwise, I have hacked into someone else’s account and I would not want that to go viral or to tell my grandmother.

I did, however, just sign up for Instagram. But I have not kept up with that either. I finally entered the techno world, again for the umpteenth time, and have a phone that allows me to participate on Instagram. My old phone did not. I am always behind, mostly because I dig in my heels and whine that I am not changing my phone or my computer AGAIN.

Once I get some of my fave photos loaded onto Instagram, I will share the link with you. My website name was taken…there’s another Awkward Bird out there – I always knew it!! So I had to improvise. I am “aaryne_theawkwardbird” on Instagram.

I think. I will have to double check that one.

Any hoo…back to being awful with updating my social media. Lately, I have been getting notifications that my chili recipe is being shared more and more often. I love when my ideas work even when I don’t.

Thank you my Pinterest BFF’s for loving school cafeteria chili as much as I do!

It’s the time of year for chili, so I thought I would share that “pin-able” chili recipe with you. I always make chili any old way and never the same way twice, except when I want this “Chili Con Carne”. Then I have to get out my recipe.

Mmmmmm…melty cheese

Here is my handwritten recipe since I am on a mission to “save the handwritten recipe”.

And here is the printable (click on the link below) – notice I figured out how to add a photo to my handwritten recipe printable? So excited. You have to be able to see what the food looks like. I insist.

Chili Con Carne Printable

Here’s my original post back when I was writing for my “Just Like Perfect!” blog.


The best Chili Con Carne I ever ate was from my high school cafeteria. I know that seems impossible, but it was soooo yummy. I have told you that I am a bit of an odd duck. I think that everyone else brown bagged it except for me.

I have never tasted anything close since then.

I was lucky to have my grandmother share a bunch of old recipes with me and included in the pile that she gave me was a recipe for Chili Con Carne.

Whoa…could this really be what I was searching for?

Since I went to school quite a while ago…ahem…I thought that just maybe this old recipe would yield the taste I was looking for.

It did not.

It was tasty but nothing spectacular or close to the flavor that I remembered. But it did prompt me to start looking online for a recipe. I could not locate the school cafeteria’s recipe, but that was no surprise, although there was a listing in the local paper sharing Chili Con Carne as a menu item for the week at school back in 1836 when I attended (or something like that)…Fun!

I did however find recipes from the 1980’s (I am giving away my age) and tinkered around and tweaked with various ingredients to come up with my own recipe that seems to me to be pretty darn close, even with a foggy memory. (Not from age.)

IMG_0988 (2)

It’s not a thick chili, possibly more like a soup, and I love it that way. Like most things I cook, it’s an “eyeball it” kind of recipe. If you need more liquid, add some more stock or water. If you want it thicker, keep the lid off and let it cook down a bit. The same goes for the heat. This is not a spicy chili because the one at my school wasn’t. Feel free to kick it up a notch and add some heat. If you do not have peppers or do not like onions, the recipe will still be delicious without them and I am pretty sure they were not included in my school chili recipe. I just like to amp up the veggies when I can. The Food Pyramid says I should.

I have recently started making my own stock and am having a great time with that adventure so I used turkey stock in my chili for the liquid. You could use beef, I just wanted a lighter base taste. And I don’t have any beef stock truth be told.

Before the weather changes and you have no interest in a steaming bowl of Chili Con Carne, give this  try!



  • Erica

    March 11, 2017

    MMMM…. Looks great! Thanks for he recipe. I will try it for sure. As far as school lunches, I always enjoyed the turkey and gravy on mashed potatoes…

    • aarynemm

      March 12, 2017

      Ah, yes, another delish dish. And those little white paper cups of peanuts and raisins still make a great snack today!

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