comfy cozy bedroom coloring page

— April 17, 2017

I was doing some spring cleaning on my website and discovered a few categories (which are like closets) that had either nothing in them or very little. In my home, that would never happen. But on my website, it’s not surprising. I have lots and lots of ideas that may not come to fruition. One book I recently read quoted someone who said that their mind is like a popcorn maker, shooting out ideas constantly.

That’s me.

Then I get sidetracked.

Like when I am supposed to be getting a wee one their breakfast but I take off to jot something down first and then find a shiny penny, and then I find my half-full lukewarm coffee cup and remember that I put it there when I stopped to check something on the computer and then I find another shiny penny…

Okay, so what was I doing?

Oh, yes.

One of the categories on my website that had nothing in it is the “Printables – Coloring Pages For You” section. I have never shared any of the coloring pages that I am creating and collecting for my someday grownup coloring book. Unbelievable! How rude of me to keep them all to myself.

Because it has been gray and rainy for days and days and days (except for those fabulously two warm spring-like days over the weekend) and because my kids have all been sick again, I immediately took to this picture of a comfy cozy bedroom. It seemed like the best drawing to share with you first.

Can you blame me?

It’s clean, first of all. The bed is made. Polka-dotted slippers wait to give my feet a hug. There are flowers outside in the window box and on the bedside table. A book is waiting for me to read it and there is a lovely tray full of homemade deliciousness and a hot cup of my favorite beverage. All for little old me.

How comfy cozy…

Here is the printable coloring page for you, my BFF…now go get comfy cozy and make a moment…

Comfy Cozy Bedroom Coloring Page