easy flavored coffee creamer

— April 02, 2017

I am still trying to perfect my homemade coffee creamer. It’s a tricky balance of creaminess to sweetness and flavor and I don’t have it balanced yet.

The other day my mind decided to cheat a bit and I am glad it did. This is an easy way to skip some of the processed part of creamer if you are like me and enjoy your coffee for the creamer.

The trick is to use half ‘n half with flavored coffee syrups. It takes the guesswork out of creating sweetness with flavor in the right ratio.

Sure, you can just add the syrup and cream separately to your coffee but then you have to adjust the balance of them each time you have your coffee. When you just want to pour the perfect tasting coffee every time, I like my flavored creamers. Plus, if you stretch your imagination far enough, you can believe it’s homemade and that just sounds very simple, fresh and so “homesteader”.

Add half and half (or your cream style of preference…) to a mason jar or other jar with a lid. Make note of how much half and half you use because you want to be able to duplicate this again and again.

Add a small amount of flavored beverage syrup and let the taste testing begin. Add more as necessary. It may take a few tries to get the right flavor to cream ratio, but when you do, jot it down so you can make more when this is all used up.

Voila! The perfect easy peasy flavored coffee creamer.