february is fun!

— February 06, 2017

One of my magazines wrote that January is a great month to just veg out and do nothing.

Not in my world.

January is a jam-packed month for me so I look forward to February as my “free month”. Three of the five birthdays in our family are in January as well as our anniversary. It’s also my de-holiday month as I get my house back into shape, work on everything that I pushed off because of the holidays and get all of the thank-you notes written for the holiday and our birthdays.

It’s busy.

My husband recently saw my calendar (yes, I still use an appointment book…I love “pen to paper” and there is space to write down the extras that I need to pay attention to!) and he could not get over how filled it was. A craft magazine I looked at dedicated some pages to adding style and craft to your appointment calendars as a way to have fun. I looked at mine but can’t fit a piece of washi tape in there without covering something I need to remember. I can’t even draw a cute birthday cake to remind me that it is one of our birthdays unless I work on my mini-miniature drawings. It’s a thought.

But who has time for that?

So, February is fun for me.

The only holiday is Valentine’s Day and it has no rules.

Just fun stuff like candy and treats and telling people that they are special to you. I can get on board with that!

I’m not the only one either…

This year, how about making a moment that matters by creating your own special treats. You can use a basket that can be re-used or add your craft magic to a cardboard box. Have fun searching for some fun treats. Our local grocery store does not always have a wide variety but I ventured a bit further from home and shopped around in a different grocery store to come up with some delicious ways to say, “You are special”.

You don’t have to stick with red, pink and white either if you like to be a tad different.  And if candy is too cliche or not on the menu for your intended giftee at this time, add a fun jazz CD with some seasonal tea or coffee. How about some cute socks packaged in jumbo cupcake wrappers? Or pack up an extra-special bag lunch complete with a super special note.

Enjoy some February fun moments connecting with yourself and those you love to spend time with. I know I have some magazines and puzzles with my name on them, as well as a few family Lego building moments.

February is so much fun!