happy momma’s day “tea” party

— May 12, 2017

In our house, food served on tiered trays is called a “Tea Party”. Put that same food on platters and we call it a “Cocktail Party”. Put that same food on regular everyday plates and we call it dinner, although we rarely eat an everyday dinner with food of this nature, so that is why it has a special name. And here in our home, we invite crust to the party for the grownups, because kids don’t eat crust, and we rarely have tea.

Our tea parties would never make it into the pages of the Tea Time magazine.

We even stick our pinkies out.

Treat mom or a mom-like special gal to a super special “Tea Party” this Mother’s Day. Wash off your tiered trays and gather a whole bunch of tasty treats then make a moment together.

Keep it simple and just make it fun.

And don’t forget the dandelion bouquet!

My fave – strawberries with chocolate hazelnut spread and sprinkles or toasted coconut. Banana chunks with chocolate hazelnut spread or marshmallow fluff and a cherry make a fun bite-size treat too.

Little glasses of a favorite cereal are a must. I’m not talking Special K here people…that’s for Monday. This tea party needs Fruit Loops!

Every tea party has to have baked goods, whether you bake them yourself or pick them up from your local baker. And tea sandwiches too. How about peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwiches??!! Add some ham and cheese kabobs for variety and excitement. Your guests will be giddy with delight!

And don’t forget a special drink! There are some super tasty juice combos available in your grocery store or you can make your own. Alcohol optional!

Okay, here’s some background. When I take pictures of anything, I shoot from a variety of angles and then when I get the pictures loaded onto my computer, I sort through them to find the ones that came out with the look that I was going for. Here below, I tried taking a top-down photo shot. Periodically I try this top-down angle because it is “all the rage” right now but I just can’t get excited about it. I never look at my food from the top so it always feels like I am a bit dizzy as I dangle over the table hovering to pick out my food and eat it.

It’s an odd feeling.

It’s unnatural.

Maybe it’s a fear of heights.

Although I would much rather be dangling above a plate full of deliciousness than a bottomless cavern.

But no matter what angle you look at your tea party foods, you will have happy tea party people!

This is my helper while I was setting up the photo shoot. He had his camera out and took pictures too, then he waited and waited and waited for me to be done so we could share the treats. (Looks like he had his pinky out!)

Happy Mother’s Day and enjoy your moments!