meal moments

— March 17, 2017

I have always loved dishes with sections for food and especially enjoy making up little compartments of food. There are so many fun ways to serve a snack or a meal to make a moment that breaks from the normal routine. I can make a moment of anything and it usually involves food.

These handy containers are my newest love for their ability to go in the freezer, microwave and dishwasher. They are safe for food, which is a plus since that is what I am serving in them. I found these on Amazon but neat sectioned containers are everywhere. Reusing take-out containers is a great way to use them versus throwing them out. Even a shoe box divided with wax paper will work wonderfully.

My love for sectioned containers is partly due to the fact that even at 46-years old, I still don’t like my food to touch. Everybody needs to stay on their own side and keep their hands to themselves. That means you too spaghetti sauce.

But there is also something that makes food seem special and more fun when it is in a sectioned container versus all hangin’ out together on a plate. It’s like you’ve been served up a present.


Being St. Patrick’s Day, I whipped up a quick after-school snack with crackers and cheese from Ireland, green tortilla chips, only the green veggie straws, some pre-made green-themed cookies and a package of gummy fruits and an apple squeezie.

There are so many foods to serve up this way and it’s not just for kids. Movie night, breakfast (even on-the-go), travel treats, picnics (inside or out) and game night or even just a quiet night in.

Don’t forget the themed napkin!