the merry month of may

— June 04, 2017

One of my fabulous BFF gal pals said that life had been “nutty central” lately and boy, was she right on the money. May was one crazy busy month, mostly filled with days on the go, and our time at home was centered around dropping our stuff to pick it up later as we grabbed the next moment’s gear and headed out again.

It made me a bit grizzly.

I have quite a few posts that I started to share with you, but…I had to admit defeat. I need to move on.

So, I adjusted my attitude and started conquering the day again.

We have had glorious weather since Memorial Day weekend and we are not wasting one bit of it. The sprinkler even made its first appearance today for some little legs and feet to go running through.

We are in our last week of school and we are ready for it to end. (Except that is means that my kids are moving up a grade. Sniff.) When the weather is this nice, it is hard to keep a school routine, especially a bedtime one. We want to be outside soaking in every last bit of the day, not in bed while it is still light out!

Last night, I decided that I was going to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful evening for a few moments. There are still many busy moments going on and it would be easy to pass up these beautiful nights since it is just the beginning of our summer season. There are many more right? Oh, but it goes quickly so don’t wait a minute longer to enjoy the fun summer season. It was so peaceful, even when my preschooler snuck out to be with me instead of being in bed. Summertime allows us the freedom to enjoy nature’s gifts a bit more because we do not have to worry about being rested for school the next day. Since my preschooler is done with school, we sat for a few moments until the “big kids” got wind of us being outside and then we headed in before I had all of us outside and then the added adventure of getting all settled back into bed again.

Tonight is another lovely night and I just may sit out to enjoy it again. I also happen to be picking up a BFF for a late night showing of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Gotta get me some Johnny! I will probably be sorry in the morning when the alarm goes off but these are the moments that make life fun. Otherwise, life gets boring!

Speaking of my alarm going off, I have been trying to wake up and head out for a morning walk at 5 am like I did last August.

It was so lovely until the coyotes scared me off. I have a new route planned for this year to avoid the coyotes but I have only managed to get my buns out of bed once in time to walk before my day job starts. It’s quite pathetic on my part. I come up with every excuse to stay in bed and I am mostly blaming my allergies for making my eyes tired. I so love bed. And you know I will be totally upset with myself if I let this morning walking moment pass me by because this kind of weather is only around for a brief time in my neck of the woods.

We managed to fit in some fun moments over the Memorial Day weekend, despite some very time-consuming but necessary errands, and we enjoyed a kite fest in Milwaukee.

It is so much fun! And it was a fabulous weather day. And a nice treat for getting our errands done.

I have decided that being flexible is one of the saving graces for busy people (and probably everybody).

It’s the time of year to give our teachers “thank you” gifts and, being that I love gifting and our teachers, I had big fun plans. I thought that I would have some leisurely time now since preschool has ended and I am not running back and forth all day to devote myself to teacher gifts. But those big fun plans need time for creation and they are not fitting in with the filled up schedule that has settled over our home lately, so I put on my thinking cap and came up with some new fun ideas that I could accomplish in just a few steps. You just have to be flexible to keep your sanity.

I had to conquer crumbs and clutter so I could reclaim my castle. My first real day home in weeks was spent getting our home back in shape. Then the weekend came and now it’s crumbly and cluttered again. Vicious cycle.

My three-year anniversary as a blogger was this past March and I have had a giveaway gift for you since January. I had planned to do a giveaway in March but it didn’t happen. Then I was going to do it in May but I couldn’t find the gift. I have had it for so long so I wasn’t surprised, except that I have a pretty good system in place these days to combat my mental fog. Good news…I found it! It was right where I left it. The system worked. My finding skills didn’t. So…soon I will have it ready for you.

Love ya BFF’s and I hope your summers get off to a fabulous start!

Life’s busy. Make moments that matter.