“you are berry thoughtful” note card

— March 09, 2016

I have been busy creating a “corny collection” category for my note cards and am having a ball because food humor makes me chuckle. I have not subjected you to it here yet because I still am developing my “recipe” section but I can’t talk about nuts in a recipe without adding, “be careful…you are…

grown-up coloring books

— March 07, 2016

I first wrote about the new trend of Grown-Up Coloring books on my previous website and you can read all about it here at “My Recipe Resume & Grown-up Coloring Books” because I went into much more detail there than I am going to here. Coloring is so much fun and I have…

“front door” watercolor

— March 03, 2016

Here is what I learned while watercoloring this picture: They make special paper to watercolor on for a reason. It can handle the water and does not bend up and crinkle. I have been using regular old copy paper as I am in practice mode and do not want to waste my precious…

“enjoying a tree moment” colored pencil art

— March 02, 2016

I got this far in creating my drawing but I am not sure how I want to finish it off. I would love to show the gal lying down from the other side of the tree but I don’t think I can draw that. Maybe I will practice on another sheet of paper first….

recipes…coming soon!

— February 27, 2016

I have not added any recipes to my new website here because I am in “thinking” mode. I have a whole bunch of dreamy recipes on my previous site called “Just Like Perfect!” and I will eventually go through them to see what deliciousness I can bring over here in addition to creating a…

my no good awkwardly bad hair days

— February 25, 2016

Since my blog post about my forgetful week and having my wee ones with me on their long weekend vacation (in “I gave my cat a cupcake“) things have taken a turn. My wee ones are no longer in the spotlight, I am. Rather, my hair is and it’s quite awkward. In addition…

my first watercolor, a radish

— February 24, 2016

Ok, it’s not really my first watercolor. I did do watercolors in school and I do it with my kids, but this is my first attempt at drawing with watercolors and writing with watercolors for my new adventure to discover my artsy/craftsy loves and new talents. My brother gave me an artist’s paint…

BBQ Spice Rub Burgers

— February 22, 2016

What’s in your spice cabinet? Mine is pretty full because I have a love affair with the Milwaukee Spice House and they are pretty much a safe bet for me for any gifting moment that comes up and they are always on my wish list. But…despite all of those fabulous spices, I had…

shopping in my kitchen

— February 21, 2016

Selecting my morning coffee mug gives me great pleasure and is something that I look forward to every day bright and early. “Hmmm…what mood am I in today?” The weather, time of year and even my plans for the morning all affect my decision. (Yes, there are still Christmas-themed mugs in there. I…

i gave my “cat” a cupcake

— February 20, 2016

Not really. But I found myself muttering that about my daughter today as I was vacuuming up crushed cereal that was all over the kitchen table and the floor. Settle in…I’m about to go into “story mode”. Every so often “life on the farm” (meaning my 24/7 stay-at-home parenting job) provides enough fodder that…