Brioche & Biscoff Sandwich

— February 14, 2016

It’s a Sunday. It’s Valentine’s Day. But most importantly…it is snowing. We have had so little snow this year and no major snow at all and I miss it. Every year, I can usually count on January to produce the snow that may not have fallen around Christmastime, and I use that snow,…

martian muffin

— February 12, 2016

This was one of those baking moments that only caught my eye while I was taking pictures and noticed that this muffin had a “look”! I just love this little guy…


— February 09, 2016

This post is more for configuring my menus than it is about sharing a pineapple with you. But since you are here, this is the pineapple I drew and colored last night. Not too bad, if I do say so myself…  

How The Awkward Bird came to be

— February 03, 2016

As with all stories, good and bad, they have a start. “The Awkward Bird” has a story and it starts with me. I am The Awkward Bird. I love being an awkward bird and an odd duck. Then I married an Awkward Bird and with any luck, we are raising three more Awkward…

I haven’t hatched yet…

— February 01, 2016

I am The Awkward Bird and I have not hatched yet. I have only just cracked my shell a bit. I do not have my logo designed. I do not have this website designed. I am not entirely sure what I am doing. I do not know what The Awkward Bird looks like yet. But…

The early bird gets the worm

— September 03, 2015

But what if I do not like worms? What if I want to be different? Is there a place for an awkward bird like me and the shoppe that I dream of?

Building our nest

— September 03, 2015

Being an awkward bird, I have decided to branch out on my own into new territory and figure it out as I go. Technically, it is not new new territory because I have designed a website for another blog that is near and dear to my little heart. But this website is different….