white legs and wellies

— April 20, 2017

Anyone else have out their winter legs and their Wellies (those fabulous garden boots) recently? It was fabulous to don shorts and my waterproof garden boots and get moving some dirt around. I did have to disinfect our outside toys from the mole or mouse that hibernated in our outside storage shed and…

comfy cozy bedroom coloring page

— April 17, 2017

I was doing some spring cleaning on my website and discovered a few categories (which are like closets) that had either nothing in them or very little. In my home, that would never happen. But on my website, it’s not surprising. I have lots and lots of ideas that may not come to…

music saves lives

— April 14, 2017

Just for the record, I’m not too old. I love to crank my music up really loud. Ya know the saying, “If its too loud, you’re too old!”??? Okay, maybe the fact that I know that saying means that I am too old. Let’s just stick with the saying, so, I am not…

fresh grapefruit in a jar

— April 10, 2017

One of my favorite treats is purchasing a jar of grapefruit. It is so tender and sweet, and I love to buy the jar with three different colors of grapefruit if I can find it. You eat with your eyes ya know. But that jarred treat also comes with a price tag. I can’t remember the…

brown sugar fried sweet potatoes

— April 05, 2017

My husband will be glad that he missed out on this for lunch because this is not lunch food in his eyes. But when I looked in the fridge to see what I should make myself for lunch today, a baked sweet potato waved at me. Ahhh…I knew what was for lunch. Fried…

easy flavored coffee creamer

— April 02, 2017

I am still trying to perfect my homemade coffee creamer. It’s a tricky balance of creaminess to sweetness and flavor and I don’t have it balanced yet. The other day my mind decided to cheat a bit and I am glad it did. This is an easy way to skip some of the…

sit right down and write someone a letter

— March 26, 2017

April is National Letter Writing Month. Wahoo! Get out your note cards and color-coordinated pens! What? Am I the only one with color-coordinated note cards and pens? Nah…. For someone who loves stationery as much as I do, oh what fun. Since I have begun to design my own stationery, I am already lost…

meal moments

— March 17, 2017

I have always loved dishes with sections for food and especially enjoy making up little compartments of food. There are so many fun ways to serve a snack or a meal to make a moment that breaks from the normal routine. I can make a moment of anything and it usually involves food….

my chili con carne recipe is going viral on pinterest

— March 10, 2017

Okay, my chili recipe is not really going “viral” in technology community terms but it’s as close to “viral” as I will ever get. Haven’t you always wanted to say that something you shared went viral? And not the “oops” photo or ill-mannered comment that someone caught during one of your low moments, but something…

what if i focused?

— March 02, 2017

Lately, I have been doing A LOT of reading and perusing of the magazines and trade journals that piled up during my busy fall and holiday season. It’s been on my to-do list and is a good task to do while my ability to flit about has been limited with sick ones home. I…