sit right down and write someone a letter

— March 26, 2017

April is National Letter Writing Month.

Wahoo! Get out your note cards and color-coordinated pens!

What? Am I the only one with color-coordinated note cards and pens?


For someone who loves stationery as much as I do, oh what fun. Since I have begun to design my own stationery, I am already lost in thought about the note cards that I will use to send some penned thoughts through the mail.

Oh what fun.

It’s almost as much fun as picking out my coffee mug for the day. Or the dish towel that will start my day. And way more fun than picking out my clothes for the day.

You know how much fun it is to receive a letter in the mail hidden in between all of your junk mail and bills and how infrequently it happens during this moment in life with emails and texts. And although you may get a card in the mail around your birthday and holidays, a special note that comes addressed to you during no celebratory time just puts a smile on your face. That note also usually contains a letter full of writing, not just a card with a signature.

Oh what fun!

So, start planning now, who you will send a letter to, even if you only manage to send out one handwritten note. It will brighten someone’s day and you just may receive a return note in the mail. You could also give a gift package of note cards complete with some fun stamps as you send your letter. Blank cards and thank you cards are always needed.

I am all for the “lost arts”, which are mainly the things that I grew up with. It was not THAT long ago so how can they be lost arts? Letter writing, hand written recipes, paper calendars, paper appointment books, farming, reading a real book and not a computerized one, playing board games and probably the most important of all…big permed hair. Talking to each other in the car, doctor’s office or the restaurant instead of scrolling around on your phone is also on that list of lost arts too.

If you have the itch to design your own note cards, I use a company called Vistaprint to set up my designs and print out my cards. They have a variety of options, including using recycled paper. They also usually offer a discount, so search the World Wide Web (a lost term that I still luv to use) or contact them directly to find out their latest deal.

Okay BFF’s, now go forth and make a moment that matters!