Strawberry Pie Ice Cream Sundaes

— June 29, 2017

I don’t want to be the one to put pressure on you but…did you know that it is the last weekend in June already?

You might still be trying to dig out of the piles of stuff that grew around you as spring turned to early summer while you were busy switching gears so that you could start making some summer moments. Or maybe that is just my household.

But, my BFF’s…we cannot wait any longer. If you have not started enjoying this season, you need to put down that garbage pail and climb out from behind those piles. Summer has started!

So, here’s the plan. You know all of those fun things you love to do in summer and dream about all year? Well, you need to add those to your weekly to-do lists. If it isn’t on your to-do list, you will forget about it. The work is always there. So in addition to these things on your list, make phone calls, pay bills, clean toilets, fix toilet paper holder, call the ant guy etc., get out your pencil and add in, eat ice cream cones, go to parks and picnics, take scooter rides and walks, blow bubbles and sit in the sun with a good book or magazine, do nothing but watch the sun come up or go down and of course, plan road trips.

And add strawberry picking too.

The wee ones and I headed out the end of last week to gather strawberries, because that season is coming to an end in my neck of the woods.

I was on a mission and I could have accomplished it with grocery store strawberries, but I am into making summer moments and strawberry picking was on the weekly “to-do” list.

It had rained the day before so I figured we would run into a muddy patch. Somehow, the 4-year old seemed to be the muddiest. And me, the grown-up, had no mud on my shoes at all. I was feeling quite smug and superior for my lack of muddy shoes but now that I am writing about it, maybe, just maybe, I was the one who missed out on a moment. #boring grown-up.

Back at Domestic Headquarters, my oldest wee one and I hulled strawberries while the other two napped.

We added some sugar because they were a bit tart.

Then we mushed them and mashed them.

Then we let them sit for a while to get all good and syrupy.

My mission? Strawberry Pie Ice Cream Sundaes. It’s an Easy Eating idea for ya. Perfect for summer.

Last year, while traveling on a road trip, we stopped at a Cracker Barrel store. One of my faves. Their summer treat was a berry ice cream sundae that had crumbled pie crust in it. The earth stopped moving for a bit as I enjoyed that treat and I planned on adding that fabulous summer dessert to my own “keeper” recipe file.

My version needed to be less sweet (despite the sugar that you saw on the strawberries above) and have much more pie crust. To make it easy, I baked up a Trader Joe’s ready-made refrigerated pie crust, the only ready-made pie crust I like the taste of. The beauty of this pie crust is that it doesn’t matter if it is pin-worthy or not because you are going to crumble it up anyhoo.

I have been enjoying these beautiful sundaes for days now. I urge you to bake up some pie crust, squish some berries and add it to vanilla ice cream. You will be thinking of all of the other flavor combinations you could make. Chocolate Pie Ice Cream Sundaes? Coconut Cream Pie Ice Cream Sundaes? Maple Nut Ice Cream Sundaes?

You get the picture.

But, my BFF’s, do not wait too long to eat your ice creams. Number one, it melts. Number two, summer will be gone in a flash like my Strawberry Pie Ice Cream Sundae was…

That was clever, wasn’t it?

Here’s the printable:

Strawberry Pie Ice Cream Sundaes
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Strawberry Pie Ice Cream Sundaes


  • strawberries, hulled and cleaned - no need to slice
  • sugar, a few tablespoons or more depending on your tastes and how sweet your berries are
  • baked pie crust - ready made refrigerated pie crust works wonderfully, just bake any old way - you will crumble it later.
  • vanilla ice cream


  • This is an Easy Eating idea.
  • Put strawberries in a bowl and squish them with a fork or a potato masher, leaving some chunky for texture. Add sugar - taste your berries to see how sweet they are and add sugar in small amounts, starting with a few tablespoons. You can always add more.
  • Stir the sugar into the berries and let sit on the counter to get syrupy. Squish and stir periodically, then taste to see if you need more sugar. Berries can be covered and refrigerated if using later.
  • When ready to assemble the sundaes, crumble some of the baked pie crust into the bowl, scoop vanilla ice cream on top of the pie crust, top with strawberry sauce and then crumble more pie crust on top. You can add other toppings like coconut, whipped cream, nuts or chocolate chips, but letting the simple flavors of the berries, crust and ice cream shine is my fave.
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