tin for ten

— January 11, 2017

I recently celebrated my ten year wedding anniversary and this was my gift to my husband.

A tin of homemade brownies.

Did you know that there are traditional and modern suggestions of gifts to give for each year of marriage? I like to find out what the traditional gift is each year and then come up with an idea that goes along with that suggestion. For one year, wood was the traditional gift given so I gave my husband a really neat pencil made out of wood (not by me though). Does he still have it, you ask? Let’s not put him on the spot, I say. We have completely opposite ideas for gift-giving.

This year, tin or aluminum is the traditional gift because tin is flexible and does not break and a marriage needs that quality. That kinda cracked me up. At ten years in, flexibility is definitely a quality we have needed to possess.

So, I got to thinkin’, and decided that a tin of brownies just might be a “meet in the middle” kind of gift. I get to give a gift that is a token of thought and he gets brownies. Win-win for sure.

You could make a tin of anything to celebrate. How about lasagne? Cake? Shepard’s Pie? Macaroni and Cheese?

For us, it’s brownies.

Any brownie recipe would do, even a box mix.

It’s the thought that counts…

and it’s brownies.

Just make sure it is not a new recipe that you are trying for the first time on your anniversary. Yup…I did that and the old time recipe I was trying ended up being yucky so my husband did not end up in a win-win after all.


So, that is why I am not sharing that recipe with you. I suspect there was a typo and I need to do further investigation.

But he’s in luck…his birthday is coming up and I have another new recipe to try from my grandmother’s stash. He’s a lucky guy!


  • Gary

    January 11, 2017

    Another awesome picture. Who cares if it tastes good!
    How about a recipe for every anniversary, with some connection to the traditional list of gifts?

    • aarynemm

      January 11, 2017

      Ha…thanks! I was thinking something along those lines, at least picking and choosing or putting in some variety. I owe you an email with my “up-to-dates”, which are sparse but at least there!!

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