winner for the dreamer’s giveaway

— June 28, 2017

Having to announce a “winner” when I have a giveaway is the hardest thing I do on this here old website. Being a gal who loves gifting, I want to give gifts to everybody! Someday I will because THAT is a dream of mine too. Someday…

Ok, until then, here is the dreamer who will receive the $100 Amazon gift certificate selected by the random comment selector gadget that I use so that it is fair and to stop me from just picking everybody if I had to do it myself………..


Your 1 winners on “a dreamer’s giveaway” are:

1) Megan


Congratulations Megan! Get ready to whip up a list of goodies that you need to help you along with your dreams, or for some fun summer moments, or for any other moments you want because that’s the wonderful thing about being an Awkward Bird…we don’t follow the rules! Unless it’s the law. Or if we will get caught and someone will post it on Facebook. Or our parents will find out and we will be grounded.

Contact me through the “contact” tab at the top of my website with your address or wait for an email from me and then you can share your address that way too.

Thank you, my BFF’s, for all of your fun comments and for riding along with me. Your dreams inspire me when I wonder what the heck I am doing and we do have fun together!

Up next…

I have a super delicious “Easy Eating” dessert idea for you to thoroughly enjoy the season’s fresh strawberries. I have shared this dessert and I have eaten some all by myself during nap time too.

here’s a teaser…

The beginning and the end!

There will also be a giant post thanks to my gift of gab and a recent road trip along Route 66 on our way to visit Ree Drummond/The Pioneer Woman and her new Mercantile shop and a tour at the Lodge where she films her Food Network show. Wait ’til you see who we got a picture with! It’s a highlight of the trip for sure!!

There will also be an “Easy Eating” idea for Summer Storm-ade and some ideas for making summer moments, so stay tuned!

Love ya BFF’s!

Aaryne, the awkward bird